Inside the Bentley Wood Shop

*See video above for a 4 minute tour of the Bentley wood shop, including inside details and interesting luxury facts about what goes on behind the scenes, and what goes into each Bentley luxury car!

 Bentley’s wood shop is a seamless blend of human craftsmanship and high technology.  The exotic wood veneers gracing each Bentley are the result of many hours of devoted passion for the end product, and could literally give you wood.  Every Bentley, Bentley rental Miami, and the new Bentley Mulsanne are stunning examples of the brand’s serious dedication to superior interior luxury. 


Bentley Mulsanne Interior Veneers

Bentley Mulsanne wood veneer interior

The Bentley wood shop has successfully preserved a specialized and centuries old tradition of handcrafting only the most beautiful natural wood veneers, using sustainable resources.  Every leaf of veneer can be traced back to the tree it came from, and every tree used to make Bentley veneers is replaced with another tree.  Bentley also takes great care to never use an endangered wood species to make its luxury veneers. Being an eco-friendly makes the Bentley a very popular Los Angeles luxury sedan rental.  

Bentley also uses wood from a natural and rare occurrence called a ‘root burrow’, an 8,000-pound dense wooden formation sometimes found in a tree’s root system at the end of its life.  In the wood veneer industry, a root burrow is like a diamond.  The wood from a burrow displays richer patterns than any other wood in the world.

Bentley Luxury Wood Veneers

Walnut wood veneer Bentley

It takes about two weeks to prep the luxury wood for use, during which time the veneers are given five coats of lacquer and three days to cure prior to being wax polished by hand.  The veneers retain their natural rich coloring, as Bentley uses no bleaching on the rare woods.

Bentley is he only luxury coachbuilder to use mirror patterns when applying wood veneers, placing four successive leaves end to end to create a symmetrical pattern across the fascia (a process called book matching).  The Bentley Mulsanne has a total of 33 wood panels, each panel taking approximately seven hours to complete.  No shortcut is taken on any aspect of a Bentley, and the wood shop is a grand show of this dedication to detail!

Bentley interior

Bentley wood veneer details


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