It is Soccer Season, but a $2.5 Million Dollar Soccer Ball?

Soccer is a much-loved sport around the world, with hoards of devoted fans.  So are diamonds.  Enter Shimansky jewelry house, which has designed a $2.5 million dollar soccer ball, adorned with diamonds, to celebrate South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

So is this the world’s most expensive soccer ball?  I think so (please add links and comment if I am wrong!).  The bejeweled soccer ball took approximately 3 months to design, and is still in the process of being festooned with 6,620 white diamonds and 2,640 black diamonds for a grand total of 3,500 carats of genuine South African diamonds. 

I do not recommend attempting to kick this soccer ball, not only would you be held responsible for the cost, it will weigh around 5 pounds.

So who would dream of buying this glitzy soccer ball for the bargain price of $2.5 million?  You could buy a brand new Bugatti, or several other luxury car rentals for that sum! 

It seems to be tailored to attract wealthy sports fans, especially those with a deep affinity for soccer.  Shimansky has a charitable side as well, creating crystal replicas to be auctioned off for charity. 
2.5 Million Dollar Soccer Ball
It seems that the jeweler has been hit by sports fever, as they have also crafted a 9.3-carat World Cup ring worth around $16,000, and a pair of commemorative World Cup cufflinks in silver for a more modest $129.


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