It Takes 15 Hours To Form Leather For Bentley Steering Wheel…By Hand!

The good people at National Geographic recently gave an inside and in-depth glimpse of what really goes on inside the illustrious Bentley Motors Headquarters, located in Crewe, England.  The piece was quite nicely done, and fittingly titled, ‘Ultimate Factories’.  It was a cool way to see where our Bentley rentals Miami were born!

Previously covered the Bentley Motor Cars wood shop tour based on this information, and now I want to cover the Bentley steering wheel…but I do not want to spend approximately 15 hours doing so…by hand.  So if you have ever wondered how the leather is applied to the Bentley steering wheel so perfectly, it is by human hand, and by only four people who know how to do it according to Bentley’s specifications.  Every stitch is hand sewn on a Bentley steering wheel.

Bentley Mulsanne Wheel

Bentley Mulsanne Leather Wheel

Basically, it consumes about three full workdays for one of the leather experts to cover just one Bentley steering wheel.  The process can be frustrating at certain points, where the leather must be bent and shaped in ways that it does not easily conform to, but each of the employees get a sense of satisfaction at the completion of each gorgeous leather Bentley wheel.  Hey, I could work immersed in the scent of luxury car leather!

Bentley Mulsanne steering wheel

Bentley Mulsanne

Overall, the ‘Ultimate Factories’ clips communicated the dedication that goes into each Bentley luxury car.  Did you know that the engineers and artisans in Crewe invest over 550 hours and nine weeks to create each stunning Bentley?

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