Top 10 Unusual Rental Items

Humans are creative and resourceful by nature, (well, some of us) and this is made quite apparent by the plethora of entrepreneurship present in the rental industry!  Scratch ‘ordinary’ items like exotic rental cars Miami; these rental items are downright weird!  (Though I still feel that an exotic rental car is an unusual rental, because not all can indulge, so it will be on the list). 

1.    iPhone rentals
2.    Exotic sports car rentals
3.    Casket rentals
4.    Bridesmaid rentals
5.    Designer clothing rentals
6.    Luxury watch rentals
7.    Designer handbag rentals
8.    Car rim rentals
9.    Jewelry rentals
10.  Personal paparazzi rentals


iPhone rentals

Apple may be selling its aesthetically awesome iPhones to 15 million people every quarter, but that doesn’t mean you have to be tied down.  There are iPhone rentals available from $89 per week to $240 per month, and there are SIM card plans as low as $11 per day-ideal to try out the product or take an overseas trip!

iPhone Rentals

Exotic sports cars

Not exactly interested in or able to invest a quarter of a million dollars and up on a supercar?  No problem, an exotic sports car rental Miami style gives you all the bang for a teensy fraction of the buck.  You can rent some luxury cars for well under a grand, and some of the more exotic brands and models can be around $4,000 and up.  These prices are nothing compared to the initial investment and high maintenance costs and insurance associated with ownership of an exotic car.  A luxury car rental is a great way to keep your cash and still experience the newest models from your favorite brands. Los Angeles exotic car rentals started this trend from steering away from tradtional rental car companies. 

Lamborghini Aventador

Casket rentals

The option is there to make your final financial decision a smart one-with a casket rental!  Shockingly, the frugal have the option of simply renting that $10,000 casket, which includes an inner container that is removed along with the deceased after the funeral.  Those who opt for this type of rental are often cremated, and do not wish to invest so heavily in an empty casket.

Casket Rentals

Bridesmaid rentals

Don’t trust your friends to display poise and grace on your big day?  A savvy woman in China discovered that people are willing to pay for professional bridesmaids.  Xu Lisha scouts around for attractive well-groomed females to fill these important roles for cash.  Lisha often uses university students who need the money, and sometimes fills in herself. 

Bridesmaid rentals

Designer Clothing Rental

Entrepreneur Irene Albright has made it possible for everyone to get that polished celeb look with designer clothing rentals worthy of any red carpet.  Albright Inc. boasts around 6,000 designer dresses and a distinctive wardrobe, including every pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes ever created.  Labels like Christian Dior, Monique Lhuillier and Reem Akra that retail for $3,000-$10,000 can be rented for just 10-20% of that cost.  Albright’s designer duds were even used in the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Designer Clothing Rental

Luxury Watches

Want to keep time in style but can’t afford that shiny Rolex?  There is even a market for luxury watch rentals, allowing you to watch that bank account while still making an impression!

Rolex Rentals

Designer Handbag Rentals

If you lack a Paris Hilton spending budget but still want to tote the latest in luxury handbags, you can just rent the latest offerings of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and more!  There are many luxury handbag rental companies out there, some allowing you to take temporary possession of the bags of your choice for specific monthly premiums.

Luxury Handbag Rentals

Car rims 

There are dozens of U.S. companies that now offer car rim rentals.  For as low as $20 per week you can get that set of 20s you have been ogling.  I must admit I am failing to see the appeal here, but apparently there is a market for this!  I think if you can afford a nice car, you can afford the matching rims…and hope to never see any 20-inch ‘still spinnins’ on a Ford Tempo.

Car Rim Rentals

Jewelry Rentals

Everyone can feel like Princess Diana with high-end jewelry rentals.  Want to sparkle on that special occasion without busting the bank?  There are many companies specializing in putting the icing on your special day!

Jewelry Rentals

Paparazzi Rentals

Now that you have your luxury rental car, designer duds, jewels, iPhone and a set of 20-inch rims on that Nissan, its time to appear to have ‘people’.  Now you can kick that celeb image up a notch by contacting and rent your own paparazzi for you big night out.  Just don’t expect to see your face on the cover of the tabloids the next day…

Paparazzi Rentals




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