Italian Police Total Lamborghini Gallardo Patrol Car

Italian Police Lamborghini Patrol Car

Upon seeing footage of the Italian police, perhaps they should think about Crown Vics.  Italy is the land of the luxury car, auto anarchy, and expensive crashes.  With 3 police officers in Italy driving Lamborghini patrol cars, it was just a matter of time before one took a hit.

The officer, patrolling in Cremona, was attempting to avoid a Seat Ibiza emerging from a gas station.  The Seat then clipped the Lamborghini, sending all $200 and some odd thousand dollars of the exotic into a line of parked cars.  One of the parked cars flipped from the impact, landing directly on the Gallardo’s shiny roof.

The patrol officers who drive the donated Lamborghinis are specially trained to drive the supercars, and to handle all 500 plus prancing horses offered by the machines.  Apparently this is the end product of when an immovable force meets an unstoppable object…or Lamborghini.  The police officer and his passenger were injured, though not seriously. 

A trio of Lamborghini LP560-4s were donated to the Italian State Police last year in efforts to combat a serious speeding saga-with more than 4,700 deaths attributed to the problem.  The Lamborghini patrol cars are tricked out with blue and white trim, and equipped with gun racks, video surveillance, GPS, organ transplant refrigerators and defibrillator.  The Italian police certainly seem to be progressive in the prevention of speeding, though it must be tempting to take those horses out for a proper run on occasion. We have a Lamborghini Gallardo rental in our fleet of exotic rental cars, so we can identify with the passion for the prancing.

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