James Bond Superyacht by Rolls Royce to Make Waves

When it comes to who owns the biggest and best superyacht, the competition is constant and fierce! Take, for example, a prototype in the making by Rolls Royce and boat makers Palmer Johnson, complete with “James Bond style” doors! Perhaps we should add those to our private yacht charters?

The PJ World Yacht will be an 82-meter superyacht with a $150 million-dollar price tag and is currently being built in Norway. So what does one get for all that dough?

PJ World Yacht concept

PJ World Yacht concept

According to Russell Morris, Director of Palmer Johnson of Europe,
"This is a moving house. But with this home, if you don’t like the neighbors, you can just sail away. It has a James Bond door that opens to the water, then once in the submarine you can explore deep water."

The entrance also includes a helicopter hangar that looks like Batman’s garage, accessed through opening hatches on the deck and a hydraulic lift. This is a big-boy toy of epic proportions!

PJ World Yacht concept

The owner’s quarters spans over 3 decks with a 4th deck reserved for guests. Amenities include a cinema, piano salon, beauty salon, fitness center and private swimming pool. If those are not impressive, it is fitted with water cannons and thermal imagery systems to defend against the perils of sea…you know, like pirates.

PJ World Yacht concept

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