Joyride Ends With Ferrari Pileup in Japan!

What happens when an exotic car enthusiast group joyride goes awry? Millions of dollars in damages and 14 very disgruntled sports car owners! So what happened? Video at bottom of post!

The group was driving to nearby Hiroshima when police say the driver of one of the Ferraris attempted to change lanes and hit the median barrier. This led to the Ferrari spinning across the freeway, causing a very expensive exotic car crash!

Ferrari crash

The damage is extensive. Thankfully there were only minor injuries!

Most vehicles damaged appear to be beyond repair. Authorities say 14 vehicles were damaged, including:
•    8 Ferraris
•    3 Mercedes-Benz
•    A Lamborghini

The local speed limit where the pileup occurred is 50 miles per hour, so it would seem that the vehicles must have been speeding and perhaps following far too close to one another. Always leave a large gap when driving to allow time to respond to the actions of other drivers…there is a reason for these rules!

Ferrari Crash Japan

Authorities access damaged Ferrari cars at the site of a traffic accident on the Chugoku Expressway in Shimonoseki, Japan, December 4th, 2011.

The roadway was closed for six hours for cleanup…Japan is quite efficient! Had an incident of this magnitude occurred anywhere in the U.S., cleanup would have dragged on for about 2 days with the road closed the entire time!

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