Lamborghini LP640 Hits 206 MPH on Open Road

In this daring clip, a driver hits 206 miles per hour in a snazzy white Lamborghini LP640 (Follow link for a peek at our LP640 rental in NJ!). This feat was made possible thanks to Mexico’s very long, very straight roadways and the fact that authorities did not catch it!

Lamborghini LP640

Lamborghini LP640

There are amazing stretches of roadway out in the middle of nowhere in Mexico where I imagine many an exotic sports car gets opened up!

The YouTube user claims they were in the LP640 from Scottsdale, AZ all the way to Miami, FL…an epic journey which seems like a brutal amount of mileage to put on an exotic car, but to each their own. Some owners shield their cars like collector items, monitoring every mile, while others buy them to use and enjoy. Both preferences are acceptable in my book!

Lamborghini LP640

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LP640 Lambo

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