Just a Rare Sang Noir Bugatti Dressed for Disaster

Bugatti cars are among the most beautiful and prestigious machines on the planet–with an assortment of special edition models intended to create a stir. Case in point: the Bugatti Sang Noir–a luscious and limited exposed carbon fiber black Bugatti boasting a bright orange interior.

Bugatti Sang Noir

The original look of the Sang Noir

Bugatti Sang Noir wrapped

They did this to it…the horror….

A premium wrap like this is around 2000 Euros, so this one was likely well over $10,000. I can certainly think of more constructive and less destructive things to do with ten grand…like renting exotic cars and taking them to the track!


The orange interior is bright and adds further excitement to the rare supercar

With just 15 units of the Sang Noir created, seeing one of them wrapped by Cam Shaft with a ghastly Gemballa advertisement was a genuine shock! Cam Shaft is a German tuner that “specializes” in wrapping vehicles with films and foils…how they ever got their hands on such a rare Bugatti is an unsolved disaster!

While I have nothing against Gemballa, a racing livery film screaming it on a Bugatti is a shame. Cam further shafted the Sang Noir by adding cheap-looking lightning bolts…which may be appropriate somehow, considering the shock of the entire project!


Disagree? Tell me why you love or hate this car in the comments section below! It is always interesting to hear different perspectives and opinions from our fans and friends!

Bugatti Sang Noir

Orange you glad they did not alter the interior?



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