Just Store Your Lambo in Your Living Room, Like this Guy

There is definitely a sense of pride that accompanies the ownership of an exotic car, like a Ferrari, LaKRE House Lamborghini Garagemborghini, Maserati and the like.  This pride can often evolve into an extremely creative idea by an owner, like a man in Tokyo who hired designer Takyua Tsuchida to transform his home into a display for his exotic cars. 

His main request?  That the Lamborghini be visible from the living room.  And with the push of a button, the Lambo can actually enter the living room.  We like the way this guy thinks, we would rather watch our plasma screen T.V.’s from the comfort of our…Lamborghini. 

This “through-floor” garage lifts and displays the Lambo like a very expensive rug, much more enticing than any fine Oriental throw could ever manage.  

Tokyo is a bit of a cramped city, and Tsuchida was given a mere 2,000 square feet to work with, and the man owns 9 exotic cars.  But the man is not too picky; he also requested a tall tree. 
Exotic Car Garage of TKE House in Tokyo
The talented Tsuchida was capable of delivering in style, turning the man’s vision into a fully functional and decadent reality, tree and all.  If you would like the famed services of Tsuchida, you better be capable of coughing up the compensation, as the good things in life are never free-and they sure as hell are not cheap.  The house is named the "KRE" house, and is quite the attraction.

Alas, this is not the only exotic car garage worth clamoring over!  There is a lucky owner of a Batcave of sorts, with hidden luxury car storage beneath the driveway!  It houses 2 Lamborghini Diablo’s discreetly beneath the driveway, with a control to unearth them when needed.  We think this is so they can buy more exotic cars, without running out of storage space, because that is what we would do.

Now that we are incredibly jealous, maybe we will dream up some incredible storage ideas for our exotic rental car fleet to compete with these creative geniuses.  Please leave your own unique ideas below, let’s see what we can come up with! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals