A Stretch Ferrari Limo, Complete With Gullwing Doors

Since its creation, the Ferrari Modena 360 stretch limo has been buzzed over in the blogosphere.  Yes, whether you loathe it or love it, long lines have been forming to make their own opinion of this extraordinary automobile.Ferrari 360 Modena Stretch Limo

Yes, we all know Ferrari’s typically have two doors, but for a special occasion, what is wrong with adding a few more?  With the Modena stretch limo, you can share your luxury car experience with up to 8 passengers.  Just slide them comfortably into the huge gullwing doors in the back!  

A massive 24 feet long, this Ferrari limo definitely claims the title of the world’s largest Ferrari, and simultaneously the largest set of gullwing doors.

Do not let its size fool you, this Ferrari still packs the classic brand power.  Hidden beneath the sparkly hood is a powerful 3.6-liter V8 engine boasting 400 horsepower.  For its size, it can stFerrari Modena Limo with Gullwing Doorsill hit top speeds of 166 miles per hour, and hit the 0-60 mark in under 6 seconds.  We are impressed. 

What is also cool about the Ferrari limo is that the entire underbody is made from the same material used in bulletproof vests. 

If you are interested in piling your crew into this exotic Ferrari limo, it is fairly affordable, at around $1,500 per night.  If you are not interested in sharing, you can always go for a Ferrari F430 Spider rental, Ferrari California rental, or other luxury Ferrari rental to get your kicks.