Kate Middleton’s Female Bodyguard is No Mary Poppins!

There was a guest at the royal wedding that may have largely gone unnoticed, and it was quite intentional! In her chic black hat and monochrome dress, Emma Probert, bodyguard to Kate Middleton, could have been mistaken for her designer!

Kate Middleton Emma Probert

Kate Middleton’s bodyguard Emma Probert is no Mary Poppins!

But Probert was not at the royal wedding to protect the bride’s now-famous white frock, but to protect her life. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge is among the latest A-listers to enlist a female bodyguard with the task of defending their lives.

Royal Honeymoon

So did Probert attend the royal honeymoon of Will & Kate on the luxury yacht?

Other celebrities who have had or still have female bodyguards include:

•    Prince William
•    Nicole Kidman
•    Katie Price
•    Justin Bieber

William and Kate

Women may seem an unlikely candidate for the position of bodyguard, until some key points are factored in:

•    They blend in easily, passing for an assistant, nanny or other entourage member
•    Are highly trained with firearms, protective driving, counter-surveillance, bomb search and more defensive strategies
•    Are underestimated if their position is known


Kate Middleton

Does Kevin Costner know about this?





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