Kim Kardashian Buys Herself a Ferrari 458

With all the wedding fuss past her, it seems reality star Kim Kardashian needed something to fill the void, so she ordered a $450,000 custom Ferrari 458 Italia.  Fabulous, dahling!

Kim Kardashian Ferrari 458

The 2011 white Ferrari 458 was simply not up to Kim’s standards as is, so she dropped $80,000 worth of customizations and options from the good people at Platinum Motorsports. Well, you didn’t think she would just drive it off the showroom floor, did you? If you want to experience the latest from the marquee, indulge in our Ferrari 458 rental anytime!


Kim Kardashian cars

Kim has a thing for luxury cars, shown here driving Reggie Bush’s Ferrari F430. Perhaps she wanted to one-up the ex

Britney Spears

Britney Spears loves exotic cars, too! …Though she may have enjoyed one of our Escalade rentals more!

The awesome upgrades include carbon fiber interior accessories, $15,000 Agetro wheels and a few other aesthetic tweaks. Kim is rarely seen driving herself around, so I get the feeling that the man in her life provides the luxury car guidance and expertise when it comes time to purchase.

Kim Kardashian Lamborghini Gallardo

Kim Kardashian Lamborghini Gallardo

Kim’s new Ferrari 458 is one of just 27 in the United States and many are curious if the exotic whip is for her personal use, or a wedding gift for her new hubby, Kris Humphrees. If so, Kim was outdone when superstar Beyoncé bought hubby Jay Z a Bugatti Veyron SS! Beyoncé is so prominently important, by the way, that even spellcheck will correct her name, and it does not recognize “Kardashian”.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s Playboy spread

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