Idiot Hits Justin Bieber’s Ferrari in Parking Structure

Wow, it seems like baby Bieber should hire a chauffeur! The teeny-bopper was recently pulled over in Miami when police mistook him for a child driver (Justin Bieber Pulled Over in Miami), and now his Ferrari has been dinged in an LA parking structure. It is tough to drive exotic sports cars at the tender age of 17!

Justin Bieber Ferrari Crash

Unfortunately, Justin is not old enough to drive our exotic rental cars, unless he can self-insure…which I am sure he can!

According to LA Times, the accident occurred in San Fernando Valley, when a Honda Civic collided with Bieber’s Ferrari in a parking structure. No one was injured and minimal damage occurred. The police were the second to arrive on the scene, as a crowd of photogs were already snapping the scene into permanent internet history!

Justin Bieber Ferrari Crash

The Bieb with his matte Ferrari and cool matching outfit

I would imagine Justin is quite eager to turn 25 and see an end to all of this teasing…but he will likely still appear 13 at that age!

Justin Bieber Ferrari Crash

Bieber and female passenger. Oh yes, he is a chic magnet!

Justin Bieber Ferrari Crash

No matter what he opts to wear!




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