Kobe Club Faux Pas, South Beach Restaurant Update

The New York Times made a mistake when they reported that the Kobe Club on South Beach was closing for good. Doesn’t sound that far-fetched to us but according to China Grill Management’s Director of Product Development, Terry Zarikian, a New York Times reporter got it wrong. Zarikian said, "Kobe Club Miami will temporarily close after Saturday, May 2, but it will re-open in August when Miami Spice starts and will continue to be open after." Seems the New York Times reporter had selective hearing but we can’t blame her. Kobe Club is not worth the money, there is nothing special about the steakhouse and no reason for a repeat visit. Especially, when there are other great steak spots on South Beach, like Prime 112 and Meat Market. Swallow that Kobe!