Korean Police Drive Supercars

I have covered police issued supercars in the past, but it is typically a special car per force.  In Seoul, Korea, the crime fighters can brag about having not just a supercar, but three impressive supercars at their disposal!

And what luxury supercars exactly do they have on their force?  A Ferrari F360, a Porsche 911 and a Lamborghini Gallardo.  That is an exotic arsenal at its finest, I will consider them Seoul’s finest.  So why does Seoul need such a sophisticated fleet of luxury patrol cars to take out the indigenous Daewoos, Kias and Rickshaws?

I like to think it is an intimidation tactic.  The poor souls of Seoul gripping the wheel of their four-cylinder Euro-style autos know damn well they have zero chance of escape once they sink there eyes into a Ferrari with tacky police lights fixed to the top.  

I can almost picture them cranking up the A/C in efforts to calm down, beads of sweat forming on their brows.  Offending motorists may as well hang their heads and admit instant defeat while that A/C sucks the last of the power from their diminutive daily drivers.

Korean Luxury Patrol Car Fleet Seoul

I also have an inkling that the police officers behind the wheels of these luxury cop cars are in high demand by the ladies (and gents should their be a female officer on the force).  I know if I were pulled over, I would roll out the red carpet and likely want a photo op, although I am not certain how well that would go over with the officer on duty.

While they are top of the line luxury cars, there is certainly no mistaking their purpose, as the law enforcement paint jobs are apparent a mile away!  These exotic cars take officers from cop to badass, in approximately 3.5 seconds.



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