Why Isn’t the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept Being Built?

Lamborghini Ankonian concept

What do you get when you fuse a Batmobile with the best Lamborghini has to offer? This insane exotic car concept looks like it could transform into a fighter jet and rocket directly off of the road. The Lamborghini Ankonian concept brings to life a fantasy, so why is it not being built?

When it comes to creating lust worthy sports cars that are tantalizing from every angle, it is a challenge to top Lamborghini. Perhaps that is why the Raging Bull inspired Macedonian designer Slavche Tanevsky to draw the Ankonian concept. The Lamborghini Ankonian concept was a student project drafted by Tanevsky during his days at Munich University of Applied Sciences. What makes Tanevsky a standout student is that he was fortunate enough to have input from both Lamborghini and Audi while dreaming up his concept—a luxury students would offer a limb to obtain. read more