The Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept: A Fresh Take on the Subcompact Crossover

Renderings of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept are out—and they are worth taking notice. The concept is molded for the future with an extreme shape and a hybrid powertrain. It looks like Audi and MINI may need to watch their backs!

Mercedes-Benz G-CodeMeet the Mercedes-Benz G-Code subcompact crossover concept. The bubbly little lady is poised to make her debut as early as next year. 

Mercedes-Benz has a new R&D center located in Beijing, China. The new location led to the brand factoring in the Asian market influence quite heavily, and the outcome is quite refreshing. We all know, of course, that much could be tweaked prior to the actual production G-Code, but if they remain remotely close to this rendering it will be fantastic.

Mercedes-Benz G-CodeWhere the Mercedes-Benz G-Code would fit in:

This subcompact crossover member of the family would offer up something a bit smaller than the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. It would be a small, luxurious, youth oriented and modern SUV for commuters with the added perk of being a hybrid.

The technology and design of the G-Code at a glance:

  • As with many leading luxury and standard automakers, Mercedes-Benz is embracing new technologies like electric powertrains.
  • The powertrain is an internal combustion engine fueled by hydrogen at the front and an electric motor at the rear. Does that sound innovative enough?
  • It features various driving modes, which include a fun Sport Mode for those who crave the adrenaline of control.
  • The electric motor has an outboard battery that can be recharged at a standard wall socket. While this will certainly lead to savings at the pumps, beware of the old utility bills!
  • The energy recovery systems include brake energy recovery and a regenerative solar panel deal.
  • The coolest feature: The exterior paint regenerates electrostatic energy as wind whips past.

Mercedes-Benz G-CodeWe look forward to learning more about the Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept as it makes its rounds to automotive shows around the world.

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