Lamborghini: A Basement Full of Bull

How, oh how, did Ken Imhoff keep a bull hidden in his basement for 18 years? Imhoff built a Lamborghini in his basement, a task that took a full 18 years, and ended with a wall removal in order to get the Lambo out of the basement! Imhoff began his arduous task in 1990 and finished in 2008. (Of course, it wasn’t a genuine Lamborghini due to the parts used).

If he wanted a sports car so badly, why didn’t he just indulge in a Lamborghini rental? His approach seems rather dramatic.

Basement Built Lamborghini

The excavation process…classy car cover!

People confuse me…I don’t pretend to understand his logic here…perhaps he should have built a proper garage first? Oh, that is right, he had a garage the entire time!

Basement Built Lamborghini

The wall was removed in order to extract the car…hindsight is 20/20…

When asked why he did not simply use his garage, he only said, “Yes, I have a garage. So why didn’t I build it there? I can’t give everything away…”. This mysterious approach may work with the ladies, but it fails to nab him any type of international man of mystery award…I now find him a bit more awkward.

Basement Built Lamborghini

The hand-built Lambo sports a wooden frame, and its maker sports a glorious mullet

Basement Built Lamborghini

Overall, this is a decent job for a do-it-yourself luxury car!

Basement Built Lamborghini

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