Lamborghini Hits 88 in 35 MPH Zone

A routine speed trap in Illinois ended up anything but routine when a Lamborghini zipped past! Police clocked the supercar at 88 miles per hour in the 35 mph zone. It must have felt like a movie set for law enforcement that day!

Drive it like you stole it…or it was a luxury car rental! …this is funny so long as it isn’t one of our luxury rentals!

Lamborghini speeding

Lamborghinis are designed to be driven…fast!

While it is certainly understandable to speed in a Lamborghini, 88 in a 35 is just insane, regardless of how challenging it is to keep a hypercar under 35! The driver was Tilesh Mahoraj, 37, of Round Lake Heights, Illinois. Mahoraj was charged with reckless driving, unsafe passing and slapped with a $1,000 cash bond and a court date. In my opinion the harshest punishment bestowed upon him was that the unregistered Lamborghini was impounded…ouch.

Lamborghini police car

This would have been perfect for the police to pull the driver over with! 

It seems like Mahoraj would have had a better day if he opted to reserve some track time and cure his desperate need for speed in the appropriate fashion. It is curious that the exotic sports car was unregistered, one would think that factor alone would cause him to drive such a conspicuous car as inconspicuously as possible…which is quite possibly impossible! (I am Dr. Suess)

Lamborghini police car crash

A moment of genius

Lamborghini police car crash

Lamborghini police car crash


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