Video: What Happens When A Lamborghini Is Fired by Stupid

Watch this driver rev-punish his Lamborghini Aventador in efforts to impress onlookers—only to cause a fire! This poor chap got a bit overzealous on the gas pedal, pushing flames from the exhaust that enveloped half of the bumper of the car . Warning: watching the Lamborghini fire make you cringe.

The very brief clip above shows what happens when a driver does not know enough about their vehicle to be showing off. The guy just kept revving the car until flames shot out the exhaust and caught it on fire. 

The incident occurred on the streets of London, where it is a rather normal occurrence to see supercars. Fortunately for the driver and the 700-horsepower Aventador, the flames were eventually extinguished and the car was able to drive away from the scene. I assume the driver fled in sheer terror and embarrassment, hoping for minimal damage to both the car and his reputation. The same driver used his Lamborghini Aventador in the Gumball rally last May—he was a member of Gumballteam 57. Perhaps following this flaming act of stupidity, he has calmed down enough to operate the outstanding vehicle with proper care.

It is one thing when an exotic sports car endures a manufacturer’s issue that causes fires, like the Ferrari 458 Italia did at one point. It is quite another when the cause of the fire is simply driver error, something that happens all-too-often and leads to much monetary damage each year. While a handful of the Ferrari 458 cars did catch fire due to an adhesive problem, the company corrected the problem the instant it was identified and all moved forward seamlessly. This poor guy will carry the shame of this video for years to come–thank you Internet.

Lamborghini firePost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals