The Mercedes-Benz S500 Is Plugged Into the Market

The mere uttering of the word “Plug-in” when connected to car talk used to inspire disgust. Now that hybrids, electric cars and other alternative powertrains are being embraced by the masses–it has become rather a term of endearment. The luxurious Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-in may even be a car people actually want to drive, and it is quite quiet. The S500 model is set to arrive in Spring of 2015, according to the Mercedes-Benz website.

Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-inThe Mercedes-Benz S500 is plugged in for a bright future. Not only is it smooth and sporty, it is also performance-based, eco friendly and loaded with safety features and programs.

The future of motoring is about exploring alternative powertrains. New environmental regulations are springing up in almost every country, making this exploration process vital. But in the earlier days of hybrid and electric powertrains, the performance and appearances tended to be sacrificed in the name of mother Earth. I think those mistakes set the precedence for the movement, and created the initial bad taste for them.

Models like the Fisker Karma, BMW i8, Porsche 918, LaFerrari and other upscale hybrids have now paved the way toward alternate energy acceptance in automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-inThe Mercedes-Benz S500 hybrid car at a glance:

  • Original Mercedes S-Class base technology fused with the future.
  • This beauty boasts a 3-liter V6 producing 333 horses paired with an 85 kw electric motor for a total performance output of 436.
  • Achieves the 0-60 MPH marker in 5.2 seconds.
  • The internal combustion and electric motor pairing is the most popular hybrid model today.
  • Power is fed to a seven-speed automatic transmission.
  • A large variety of recognition and assist features.

Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-inOverall, let us all hope to see more cars like the Mercedes-Benz S500 hitting the scene in the future. But more importantly, let their drivers not be taunted like those of the Prius.

Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-inPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals