Lamborghini LP600+ for 2011 Sparks Curiosity

Germany’s Reiter Engineering has announced plans for a Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+, set to hit the luxury car and exotic car rental scene as early as 2011.  So what will the main differences be for this Lamborghini Gallardo model?

Reiter Lamborghini LP 600

Tweaks, upgrades and changes will include a front spoiler, altered gear ratios, a redesigned exhaust system and reshaped hood.  The Lamborghini LP600+ will feature the 5.2 V10 House of Sant’ Agata, pushing forth 600 horsepower at 8000 rmp.  I am sure Lamborghini fans are waiting for this model to hit a fleet of Lamborghini rental cars so they can get their Lamborghini fix. 


Reiter Lamborghini LP 600 Top

Additional power is made possible by the heavy use of carbon fiber, leading to a lean 1990 kg body.  The LP600 Lamborghini sits on magnesium wheels with a lightweight aluminum space frame that coupled with the carbon fiber paves the way for peak power and exhilaration.  Carbon fiber has quickly become the ‘it’ material in the luxury car and exotic car rental industries, as it is attractive and shaves significant weight from the vehicles.

The brake system for the Lamborghini LP600+ features ventilated brake discs and a Reiter double wishbone front and rear suspension upgrade.

Overall, this Lamborghini will fit somewhere between the Gallardo LP 560 and Gallardo LP 640 models, offering up a few key differences and preferences.  The price tag is anticipated to approach $385,774, sans VAT.

Reiter Lamborghini LP 600 Rear

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