Lamborghini Luxury Luring China

Lamborghini is a luxury car brand and exotic car rental loved by all.  A mysterious buyer who recently dropped 7,580,000 yuan (that is $1,151,249.61 USD) on a Lamborghini in Xiamen has sparked even more interest/curiosity in the Chinese luxury car market.  In China, luxury cars are the new craze, and the sales are skyrocketing!

Lamborghini Xiamen

Xiamen is relatively diminutive in contrast to major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, yet Xiamen’s wealthy are generating quite the exotic car sales jump.  An outstanding 2 Lamborghinis sold every month in Xiamen, ranking the Lamborghini Xiamen franchise 1st in China for the first quarter of 2010. 

Lamborghini China

Lamborghini Xiamen China

But Lamborghini is not the only luxury car brand selling faster than cocktails in the presence of Lindsay Lohan, Porsche unloaded 1,370 units in 2010.  Mercedes-Benz got a 50% sales bump in Xiamen.  Back to Lamborghini Xiamen, it appears that the brand intends to forge China as its number one consumer market.

Lamborghini China

Lamborghini has opened seven franchised stores in China, located in Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  Models available at Lamborghini’s China franchises include:

•    Murcielago LP640
•    LP640 Roadster
•    LP640-SuperVeloce
•    Lamborghini Gallardo
•    LP560-4
•    LP560-4 Spyder
•    Superleggera
•    Gallardo LP550-2

This is certainly fantastic news for the luxury car market and brands fighting for a recovery from the recession.

Lamborghini China



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