The Unluckiest Lamborghini Made of Lotto Tickets

What does one do when they have amassed a ton of scratch off lottery tickets with no luck? Artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom of Wassaic, New York found a creative solution: Construct one of the very items lotto players dream of purchasing upon winning! Thus the Lamborghini Countach comprised of discarded tickets was born.

Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

That’s the ticket: A Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

The couple constructed what is possibly the world’s unluckiest Lamborghini. Surprisingly, this is not the first lottery art the duo has crafted. Other works include a Hummer SUV, boats and even an entire room made of just tickets. To be clear, the couple did not necessarily purchase every lotto ticket–they have painstakingly collected them from around the world for their art.

Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

If the Lottery does not lead to the luck of owning a Lamborghini supercar, you can always craft one from the used tickets…if you have that much time and inclination

The lotto ticket Lamborghini at a glance:

  • The base is comprised of wood and cardboard. One could call it a seriously unstable chassis.
  • The title of the project is “Ghost of a Dream”. It is intended to symbolize the hopes and dreams that lottery players have when they purchase tickets.
  • The lottery tickets are strategically categorized by type and how much has been scratched off. They are then arranged to create the overall affect of the car’s exterior. The process takes an overwhelming amount of time and patience.
  • The inspiration for the Lamborghini project came when the couple spent some time in China, where the luxury car industry is booming.

Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

In order to create the car, the couple had to use the original Lamborghini Countach’s specs and dimensions because they were unable to purchase or borrow the real thing. That is dedication! So why the Countach? It would certainly be a challenge to get the new Lamborghini Aventador for a model!

Lottery ticket art

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