Video: What a Lamborghini Motorcycle Project Looks Like

Sometimes it just takes a bit of engine-uity to transform a bad situation into something a bit more interesting. That is precisely what took place when Georgian Chuck Beck began his Lamborghini motorcycle project. Rather than ending up in a junkyard or being transformed into a neat-o coffee table, Beck used the V12 to build out an inspiring motorcycle. A friend presented Beck with all that remained of his Lamborghini following a fire, and was likely just as surprised as the rest of the world is to see what became of it!

Some people are just too creative: A Lamborghini motorcycle created from a Lamborghini engine. 

The Lamborghini motorcycle does look rough around the edges, as can be expected from a DIY project, but it does present an excitement factor that attracted onlookers. Beck incorporated a 3-speed VW transmission to what is possibly an older Countach engine to create the ride. It is a bulky beast that could be packing over 300 horses, which are likely a challenge to harness thanks to its unique shape and mass. Beck said that the Lambo motorbike is fairly smooth and manageable once she is up to speed, but it seems unlikely that narrow turns are a piece of cake!

Lamborghini deskSometimes old exotic car parts and engines become awesome furniture. Often the grilles are used to create desks and wall ornaments, and engines are turned into coffee tables and other household items. It is a rare day indeed that an old engine is turned into a completely different animal. 

Is it street legal? We have no idea. Is it ingenious? Absolutely! Beck seemed to enjoy showing off the bike at a Caffeine and Octane event in Alpharetta, Georgia where the video was taken.

Lamborghini motorcyclePost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals