A Terrible Lamborghini Reventon Replica Making Headlines

This is a tragedy everyone must see to believe! It is quite possibly the worst Lamborghini Reventon replica in the world…and perhaps the only.  It is entirely possible that the buyer of this horrible Lamborghini replica did not see it prior to purchase, or quite understand what they were purchasing. Either way, it is rumored that someone shelled forth $28k for this Lamborghini kit.   Lamborghini Reventon replicaThis Lamborghini Reventon kit hails from Australia, where it should have stayed…safely isolated. 

The creator of this Lamborghini Reventon replica kit used a Nissan Z32 300ZX for the base and then just clearly lost his mind. The reports are confusing because some are saying that one actually sold for $28k and others are claiming that the creator of the kit is asking $42k for one plus shipping to anywhere in the world. It is evident that the creator put much effort into the experiment, and I have to acknowledge that, but I do not have to be too nice and say it looks just like a Reventon. It looks awkward at best on the exterior components and worse inside of the cabin.

Lamborghini Reventon replicaNote the Dodge Caliber in the background…is it to be turned into a Land Rover? Or maybe a unicorn?

In conclusion, that amount of money would be best spent as a down payment on an actual Lamborghini rather than invested in ruination of your reputation. This is the equivalent of women traipsing about clutching fake designer handbags thinking that no one actually knows it…everyone knows and you look like a fool.

Lamborghini Reventon replicaCannot be unseen.

The better approach would have been to simply create a high-performance kit for the actual Nissan Z32 300ZX, as this is just all-around rubbish. This one is packing a twin-turbocharged V6 with an intercooler upgrade to compensate for what it clearly lacks in aerodynamics.

Lamborghini Reventon replica

Scissor doors do nothing to assist this disaster.

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