Man Crashes Land Speed Racer at 370 MPH, Walks Away!

There has to be a stronger word for ‘shock’. George Poteet crashed his land speed racer, Speed Demon, at 370 miles per hour and simply climbed out of the wreckage unscathed! Check out the video below:

This video shows the high-speed land speed racer shooting through the Bonneville Salt Flats. The camera shows the crash from the cockpit. Poteet hit speeds of 370+, and then you can see the vehicle just seem to shred apart. He is a lucky son of a gun!

The accident occurred at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the Drag Week events. Poteet was there racing his prized Speed Demon land speed vehicle. It is difficult to tell exactly what caused the loss of control. The salt flats are a popular destination for high-speed races because of the vast space available, which is necessary to achieve insane speeds. To get a better idea of the sheer power possessed by the machine, check out the specifications below.

Speed Demon land speed racer at a glance:

  • Best performance: 457 miles per hour flying a one-way mile.
  • 462 mile per hour trap speed.
  • 1980 horsepower at 9300 RPM. Gulp.
  • Twin 83mm Precision turbochargers.
  • Custom Hogan sheet metal manifold paired with Wilson’s.
  • VP M1 methanol fuel.
  • Tubular frame custom created by Aerosmith Engineering and a Nemesis Air Racing composite body.
  • Clutchless 5-speed Liberty Performance transmission.

land speed racer

That is not going to buff out.

The Speed Demon land racer has a few different engines created specifically for her. It is incredible that Poteet walked away from this crash alive, let alone lacking injury. The vehicle is completely destroyed, so the body will have to be completely rebuilt. At least there are a couple of more engines waiting for the next version, should he decide to build it.

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