Latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class Hits the Scene

2010 Mercedes-Benz E ClassThe Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been on the market since 2002, and is now introducing the latest version of the luxury model, the 2010 version.  The 2010 E-Class Mercedes will join the traditional lineup, which is obviously a hit based on longevity alone, adding even more to the mid-level luxury segment that includes the BMW 5 Series, Acura TL, and Audi A6.

First making tracks at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the new E-Class showcases a distinctive new appeal that is decidedly more voluptuous.  Some of the subtle curves and sharp angles remain intact, while updated and unique shapes are blended in effortlessly to reveal an updated design.

An overall reduction of curved lines makes this version look bigger than its predecessor, and the quad oval headlights have been changed to boxier lamps with the high beams that are still smaller and separate from the low beams. Inside, things look similar, but some of the disappointing features on the outgoing model, have been changed.  Among them, the addition of a central knob for the COMAND system, better ambient lighting, and easier access to the controls for the HVAC system.

Other than the sedan’s redesign, the other interesting development for 2010 is the addition of a coupe. 
Names are changing too, so don’t be confused.

While there has always been an E-Class coupe version, it was labeled CLK-Class.  That designation is going away as Mercedes-Benz seeks to simplify and avoid product confusion.  Now, there will just be the E-Class sedan and the S-Class coupe.  And should you feel the urge to amp it up a bit, remember that there are a plethora of Mercedes-Benz rentals available.

While the new E-Class sedan is spacious and luxurious inside the new coupe is appropriately more sporty.  The instrument gauges and the LCD display screen are subtler and more sculpted, giving it a more casual look, and the three-spoke steering wheel and center-mounted shift lever make the car look more like a true sports coupe should.

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