The Electric Supercar Concept You May Not Know About: Meet Lavinia

Hailing from Sicily, the Lavinia electric supercar concept boasts a sultry shape and ample power. The newcomer coupe is said to be capable of churning out 800 horsepower, though exact engine specifications are not available this early in her concepting phase. Thus far, there are impressive claims and a very attractive fiberglass body to praise. The rear view is a bit awkward–though it is still early and that could be altered for the better.

Lavinia electric supercarThe Lavinia electric supercar concept could reach production because it has the right specs and appearances to compete in the market. 

The Lavinia SE concept is being billed as a high-performance electric coupe, and it is not known exactly what sources will power it. The car is currently being engineered to hit the 0-60 mile per hour sprint in 3.5 seconds with an estimated top out of 190 MPH. It is being built by Tecnicar, a company that specializes in the electric trains used at theme parks and other populated tourist attractions. The company also makes mobility scooters, though it is certain none of those are kicking out 800 ponies.

Lavinia electric supercarFun fact: The Lavinia SE was named for her creator’s wife. The design creator is Giuseppe Ferrazzano and the renderings are by artist Angelo Granata.

The company will continue to tease the new supercar via its Facebook page. It seems we must wait to find out all the details regarding how many and what type of motors it will be packing. Overall, it appears that the Lavinia SE will be a worthy opponent for some of the luxury electric cars on the streets today, including the Fisker Karma. Lavinia electric supercarThe Lavinia electric supercar rear just feels a bit unfinished. It is not ugly, but it is not exactly sexy yet. Perhaps different tail lamps could change the feel.

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