Leaked Video: Man “Intentionally” Driving Bugatti Veyron into Lake!

Remember Andy House, the guy who crashed his Bugatti Veyron into a lake in November of 2009? A video has been leaked that seems to completely disprove the man’s claim that a “low flying pelican” reflection led to the crash. When you drive a rare hypercar like a Bugatti, people are going to take pics and in this case, video as they pass by…and the video clearly shows no pelican or any other flying creature when the Bugatti simply drives into the lake.

Bugatti Veyron Crash

House let the Bugatti run for about 15 minutes this way. You can’t fix stupid! 

My favorite part of the clip is that the two guys filming the exotic car crash display ignorance but appreciation for high-end cars, stating: “I’m pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude”. Confusing a Bugatti Veyron with a Lamborghini? Priceless! The insurance company’s lawyers were elated, no doubt, to get their hands on the video evidence, as they had insured the Veyron for $2.2 million dollars. 

Very soon a Texas court will decide if the man attempted to destroy the Bugatti in efforts to obtain insurance money, or if it was indeed an insane accident. The man admitted that he had “dropped his cell phone” and the pelican story is laughable, to say the least! I will side with the pelican, because something smells fishy here!

The final twists in this case all favor of the insurer:
•    A mystery witness has come forward claiming that House asked him to destroy the Bugatti to collect the insurance cash. Claims House later did it himself by taking the scenic route.
•    House allowed the car to run for a full 15 minutes while submerged, claiming “mosquitoes” prevented him from turning it off to prevent further damage.
•    Lack of evidence that House attempted to brake (skid marks, etc.)
•    House had insured the Bugatti as a collector’s item used for display. The insurer says that it had dealer plates on it and that the mileage had increased significantly.


What do you think will happen once this case goes to trial? Comment below!





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