Leggo Cars? Top 5 Bizarre Concept Cars

If any of these concept cars hit production, luxury cars and exotic rental cars of the future could include another layer of options-electric, hydrogen and hybrid exotic rental cars.  It is always nice to have options when it comes to the creative realm of the automobile!

1.    Renault ZE
2.    Toyota FT-EvII
3.    Mazda Taiki
4.    Honda Puyo
5.    Giugario VAD.HO

Renault ZE.  This concept car has been touted as a realistic glimpse of the forthcoming mass-market Renault electric car, a nearly 90% definitive representation of the intended production model.  To be built in France, it features a QuickDrop battery swap capacity, and is set for a mid-2012 launch.

Renault ZE

Toyota FT-EvII.  This electric car is intended for city use, with a 56-mile range and top speed of 62 miles per hour.  Its claim to fame, aside from its bubbly good looks, is that it produces zero emissions, and induces smiles.

Toyota FT-EVII

Mazda Taiki. Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, the Taiki is Mazda’s long-term vision for technology development. This green concept car hopes to harmonize driving pleasure with environmental and safety performance, equipped with generation rotary engine and enhanced aerodynamic performance.


Honda Puyo.  This spongy little concept features a ‘gel body’, comprised of soft materials intended to enhance the real world safety properties of the car.  You can actually pinch the body, so my only concern would be having a chunk taken out of it.  Lights beneath the gel glow, creating a luminous and futuristic appearance, and it is powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Honda Puyo

Honda Puyo Concept

Giugario VAD.HO.  This concept can run off of either hydrogen or premium unleaded, boasting a specialized BMW 7-Series putting out 260 horsepower with a range of 125 miles.  The length and width of a Ferrari 575, the Giugario VAD.HO could be the future of the green sports car. I am sure some company would love to add this exotic car to their fleet of luxury rental cars to go with their Ferrari Rentals

Giugario VAD.HO





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