Lindsay Lohan Hit With Another Lawsuit in a Maserati Rental

It seems that Lindsay Lohan spends more time and energy in legal battles than she does memorizing lines for roles! The actress has recently been slapped with yet another lawsuit, accused of striking a nanny while driving a Maserati rental on September 1st, 2010. Stories vary, some claim it was Lohan’s Maserati, others say it was a rental, the actress has owned a couple.

Lohan Maserati

Lohan with her GranTurismo…

The incident occurred at the intersection of Alta Loma Road and Holloway Drive in West Hollywood, where the nanny, Nubai Del Carmen Plaza, claims a Maserati driven by Lohan clipped her baby carriage as she pushed it across the street. Plaza claims that 3 of the 4 wheels on the baby stroller became air born, but that the child was unharmed. Plaza is claiming to have suffered “serious personal injuries, pain, suffering and anguish” as a result of the alleged incident and is seeking damages for medical expenses and lost wages.

Lohan Maserati

Lohan with her white Maserati Quattroporte

Steve Honig, a representative from camp Lohan issued the following statement on the matter,
"To the best of my knowledge, neither Lindsay nor her attorneys have been served with a lawsuit," he told E! "So we really can’t comment on something that hasn’t been served through the proper channels."

This is the second lawsuit for the starlet recently. Paparazzi photog Grigor Balyan is also seeking a payout from Lohan, claiming a car driven by her assistant hit him.
Honig also addressed this incident: "I’m not aware of a lawsuit filed against Lindsay by any of the many paparazzi who invade her privacy on a daily basis."

Lohan Maserati

A case management conference for Lohan’s latest legal woes will be held on May 14…if anyone is interested. Don’t miss more celebrity news and our fleet of fabulous luxury car rentals on your way out!




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