WTH: Lamborghini Full of Flames on Roadside!

What a tragic sight to see—a Lamborghini aflame alongside the roadway! A biker happened upon this exotic car crash and began filming, capturing the burning supercar and the arrival of the fire trucks, who could have moved a bit faster, if you ask me! The bicyclist felt the same, and actually says, “No rush, boys, take your time, …huh.” during the clip (scroll down for video).

The fire truck pulls up behind the Lamborghini slowly, and when you expect men to burst forth wielding hoses, nothing happens.

Lamborghini on fire

This picture is burned into my retinas

It is unclear how the gorgeous yellow Lamborghini burst into flames, but I certainly hope they have appropriate insurance coverage! This reminded me of the Ferrari 458 Italia fires last year, when a number of the 458 cars were recalled due to explosions caused by an adhesive. The Ferrari brand is experts at customer care, and the recall went smoothly and faster than the car hits 60 mph.

There was also a similar Lamborghini recall, affecting 428 units of the 2007-2008 Murcielago coupe and roadsters due to a faulty part within the fuel tank that could result in fuel leakage and thus a fire.

Watch this footage of the fire, with amusing input from the cyclist and fire truck sirens

The only flames I want to see on any supercar are the type that are painted on! Don’t miss more entertainment in our Luxury Blog (browse by category, located on the right side of the luxury blog page) and our entire fleet of exotic rental cars in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles on your way out!

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Lamborghini on fire

Lamborghini on fire

Lamborghini on fire



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