Luxurious Summer Swimwear for $3000 plus. Remember Less is More.

The heat is coming and the girls are shopping for summer. From the Hamptons to St. Tropez, looking good is a must! Finding that perfect summer sandal, bag or bikini is a must! If you are looking to shine brighter than the glitterati this summer, head to Selfridges, London. Selfridges is launching a jewel-toned bikini for summer. Swarovski is obviously behind the 5,000 piece crystal-studded hand-embroidered bikini. The Swarovski bikini is drenched in rubies, sapphire, emeralds and gold and runs about $150 per square centimeter. Making the total cost for this shiny bikini $3,000. The one-piece cut-out bikini looks like something Paris Hilton might wear for attention. The glamour-suit is being launched thanks to a 33% hike in swimwear sales. All we know is that the Swarovski bikini will literally be the shining piece of any summer wardrobe.