Luxury Garage-Balcony Provides a Room with a View…of an Exotic Car!

Luxury Car Lift

Parking in overstuffed cities can be problematic, especially for a luxury car owner who wishes to ensure the security of their rather large investment.  It simply will not do to park a luxury car or exotic car rental worth perhaps $200,000-$1 million and more in the garage beneath an uber-luxe condo…so a talented ‘think outside the box’ type has designed a movable balcony-garage.  Oh yes, I said balcony-garage.  I have seen stranger things, like the Lambo living room garage method.


Lamborghini Garage Living Room

Luxury Balcony Garage

Now those luxury car owners who are lucky enough to have this can simply pull up to their building, and whoosh up the side of the building while remaining in their Maserati rental, coming to a stop outside of their glass balcony doors.  Hey, now from the couch there is a stunning view of the luxury car…hoisted up and hovering with the city as a backdrop.  I wonder what the weight limits are for these ingenious and space-saving security garage-balconies.

Bizarre Exotic Car Garages

This also frees residents from the elevator small talk, or having to interact with anyone in the building they do not wish to.  The garage-balcony can also be programmed like a coffee maker to be ready for your decent at a specific time.  Now that is luxury!

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