Luxury Hybrids: The 2010 Mercedes ML350 Bluetec

Mercedes has been busy being fabulous; take for example the 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Bluetec.  This is a luxury hybrid SUV that is part of the transition from off-roaders to on-roaders.

What does that mean?  The death of large gas-guzzling SUVs has long been predicted, and it is being reinforced by new laws and standards for a greener future.  Drivers do not want to pay the high fuel costs or harm the environment, yet they love the higher vantage point provided by an SUV.  So what is occurring is a shift to a lighter, car-based chassis yet not away from a high-riding vehicle.  Fuel economy is improved, emissions are reduced, and all are happy.

The $50,000 2010 Mercedes Bluetec caters to the luxury hybrid SUV market, as it provides all of the above.   It is a unibody, rather than a body-on-frame, so it is smooth rather than truckish, giving drivers that high vantage point and calm ride they crave. 

Mercedes is adopting diesel options into more of its vehicles to meet new standards and decrease dependence on standard fuel in favor of diesel fuel.  We are seeing increases across the board of luxury carmakers in2010 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Bluetectroducing electric luxury hybrids and diesel hybrids.  The ML350 Bluetec gets 18/25 gas mileage, which is ok for an SUV, but in my opinion could be improved.  That said, it is still acceleration in the right direction by Mercedes, and a beautiful luxury hybrid SUV.


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