A Majority of Rolls Royce Ghost Buyers Opt to Customize

Spending a substantial amount of money on a supreme luxury car like a Rolls Royce Ghost is sometimes just not enough. After all, while there are just a handful of Ghosts haunting the roadways of the world, one certainly does not want any of them to look like theirs! View our Rolls Royce rentals here (sort by city for available models)!

Custom Rolls Royce

For that reason, Rolls Royce rolls out the red carpet for customers, offering every color under the sun along with an arsenal of exotic interior options and wheels. Note: Money cannot buy taste.

Custom luxury cars


In 2011 alone, 56 percent of Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase models chose to personalize their toys. The option for customers to add thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of options seems to help drive sales figures, which is never a bad thing!

This trend is not exclusive to the Rolls Royce Ghost. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 Phantoms sold in 2011 were also altered by the automaker’s team of artisans. The Middle East market is a great example of this, where it is reportedly impossible to find a Rolls Royce without custom features.

Custom luxury cars

Custom luxury cars have all the bells and whistles

If you purchased a Rolls, what customizations would you simply have to have? Share below! And don’t drive by our fleet of luxury car rentals in New York, Chicago, Miami and LA on your way out!

Custom luxury cars

This is how it is done…



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