Man Loses License for Speeding in a Ferrari–Builds Private Track

Former CEO of Amatil, a Coca-Cola distributor in Australia, Dean Willis, lost his license in1996 for speeding in his Ferrari Testarossa outside of Sydney. An avid luxury car collector, Willis simply built his own 40,000-square-meter track to drive his cars on! I am not familiar with Australian licensing rules and regulations, but the private track took 3 years to build…so the poor guy must have been suspended for a rather lengthy period of time! Want the chance to drive a supercar like a Ferrari on the track for less than $400? Sign up for an Imagine Lifestyles Ultimate Driving Experience!

Google maps is aware of this awesome private track.

Willis does not describe his personal roadway as a track–he dubs it a ‘country road’. Considering that his personal country road features 22 corners and posts signs for recommended top speeds, it is safe to call it a track. The star of the Aussie’s collection could be the only McLaren racing car ever sold privately. He also owns many Ferrari cars, which makes losing the driver’s license particularly devastating!

Willis’s private track lacks the gravel run-off areas and barriers that Formula One tracks have to increase the safety of high-speed racing. While it has not been disclosed how much he spent on the awesome project, the cost of the asphalt is approximated at $2.54 million USD.

The 40,000 square-meter track is .6 of a mile and took three years to build.

Racing is not permitted at the private track, according to Willis (likely for legal purposes). “We don’t do lap times, the only way we measure it is how long the smile lasts,” Wills’ son Mark told the Telegraph.

House guests get a rare treat: Leisurely watching Ferraris zip past from the balcony.

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