Mandarin Oriental Menu Goes Sky High

For those love the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel and Lufthansa airline, you will be pleased to learn that Mandarin’s delectable delicacies will now be available on the airliner’s business and first-class flights! It is upscale dining fused with first-class travel, a luxury travel tip to relish!

Mandarin Menu hits Lufthansa air

Suddenly, long flights seem more palatable

Now those lengthy flights connecting the U.S. and Germany will be a bit more palatable, thanks to Mandarin Oriental cuisine. I think each meal should be served with the old airline peanuts joke…and a bag of them. The sizzling menu will be crafted by award-winning chefs from Mandarin Oriental properties in New York, Miami and San Francisco.

Chocolate cherry brandy cake parfait

Chocolate cherry brandy cake parfait…more appealing than a can of soda and a pretzel?

What is on the menu:
•    Dungeness crab and avocado salad with lemongrass gazpacho dressing
•    Braised beef short ribs
•    Fava bean puree with wasabi and red cabbage slaw
•    Vegetable nasi goring
•    Roasted chicken breast and bread pudding with tarragon jus

Mandarin menu

No more peanuts, por favor

This new partnership is just a slice of Lufthansa’s Star Chefs Program, a 12-year-old program is like a fine wine–it just keeps improving with age. Participating chefs include: Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco Executive Sous Chef Annie Hongkham; Mandarin Oriental, New York Executive Chef Toni Robertson; and Mandarin Oriental, Miami Chef de Cuisine Joel Huff.

Lufthansa travel

Morsel of the story: If you want a more tasteful way to travel, make it Lufthansa next time you hit up Deutschland! More luxury news awaits you in our Luxury Living Blog!

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