Rumors of a New Mazda RX7 Sports Car Have Rotary Hearts Racing

When it comes to creating a rotary engine, no one does it better than Mazda. In fact, precious few have attempted it at all. The rotary fans that do exist are die hard and typically able to rebuild their own and rattle off every modification they have ever completed with great passion. Now rotary fans are looking forward to the next generation of the Mazda RX7–which could be here in production form by 2017.  Mazda RX7There are two Mazda RX7 cars and a modified Subaru WRX in my garage. I can attest that they are fabulously addictive cars to drive. These renderings show what the car could look like by 2020, though I find them a bit far-fetched.

Mazda RX7

So what exactly is a rotary engine? 

The rotary engine, in its most basic form, converts rotary motion directly into driving force. The photo above shows the rotary shape. A rotary engine offers near perfection in terms of smooth conveyance of power and energy. German Felix Wankel created the rotary engine in 1957. Wankel first had a dream about such an engine at age 17, and later transformed it into a reality. The time lapse between the dream young Wankel had of creating a new type of engine and the actual invention was 40 years, a testament to the idea that dreams can come true—if you work at it.

Mazda RX7The Mazda RX7 renderings circulating about look quite different from previous models. The new RX7 is all modern, sleek and all rotary. There could be two new Mazda rotary cars revealed over the next decade, though that is not certain. The Mazda Cosmo Sport was produced from 1967-1995 and held the title of the very first Mazda Wankel engine.

Since then, the Mazda RX7 has become the favored rotary engine from the brand. Mazda teased fans with the following statement recently: “We want to surprise everyone in 2017 with something special to celebrate the birth of rotary. Then, to celebrate Mazda’s 100th birthday, we want to take it to another level in 2020.” Zoom-zoom.

Mazda RX7It looks like we will have to wait to see what Mazda has in store–stay tuned!

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