Meet The Porsche Panamera’s Baby Brother

A new Porsche concept car has emerged, meet the 2017 Porsche Pajun, the Panamera’s little brother! The Pajun (if you do not follow the code-name yet…I will reveal it below!) is to be a diminutive four-door coupe–popular with some fans of the brand, despised by others!

Porsche concept cars

Porsche Pajun rendering

Just the Facts:
•    The brand intends to add a 6th model by 2017
•    The name thus far is Pajun, which is short for “Panamera Junior”
•    It may be offered as a sedan with the potential to morph into a hatchback…think Ferrari FF!
•    Pricing is estimated at $85,000-$130,000

Porsche concept cars


Junior will be competing against big-bad Mercedes-Benz with their E-Class and CLS. For that reason, it is geared up to compete with a range of options, including 6-cylinder gas powered engines, diesel engines and perhaps a hybrid model to up the ante. I feel confident that the good people at Fisker are not intimidated just yet, but options are always a good thing!

Porsche will unleash the Macan in 2014, which is the smaller sibling of the Cayenne. The Macan was formerly known as the Cajun, and there is an artist formerly known as Prince.

Porsche concept cars

Sleek lines seem to be a recipe for success for Porsche

That is all there is to know so far for the Pajun, don’t miss our selection of awesome Porsche rental options on your way out!

Porsche Cajun

Porsche SUV



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