Mercedes-Benz Overtakes BMW in U.S. Market

The heat is on between longtime luxury auto rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW, with Mercedes overtaking BMW during October U.S. sales. Mercedes enjoyed 22,637 U.S. deliveries last month while BMW only 21,873. BMW, however, maintains the lead for the year at 199,552 total vehicles sold.

Mercedes Vs. BMW

Stiff competition!

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Mercedes BMW ad

Oh…the humor!

These luxury brands are often neck-and-neck because they offer such similar fare (luxury sedans, convertibles and SUV models in a similar price bracket). To compete, they often increase incentives, as BMW did by 35% per vehicle last month. The incentives may have fallen short due to presence of the Mercedes C-Class. What will the holidays hold for these dueling auto brands?

BMW Audi ads

BMW also enjoys playful back-and-forth banter with luxury brand Audi




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