Just 8 Awesome & Insane Luxury Swimming Pools

There are luxury hotels with infinity edge pools, and then there are pools that dwarf any and all competition with their awesomeness. Here is a luxury travel tip for the pros, the most unusual and awesome swimming pools scattered around the globe! They are as follows:

8. World’s largest swimming pool
7. World’s deepest swimming pool
6. World’s largest indoor water park
5.  The blood-red pool
4. Playboy’s swimming pool
3. The hanging pool
2. Global warming pool
1. The devil’s pool

San Alfonso del Mar

San Alfonso del Mar

The largest swimming pool in the world, San Alfonso del Mar, is in Chile, expanding a full 3,324 feet in length and holding 250 million gallons of water! Here you can find swimmers, kayakers and water sport enthusiasts making the most of this Guinness World Record holder!

Nemo 33

Nemo 33

Up next is the world’s deepest swimming hole, located in Brussels, Belgium. Nemo 33 is a submerged structure with platforms at various levels that plummet down 108 feet! It holds 2,500,000 liters of non-chlorinated spring water that stays a toasty 86 degrees. Divers often use this facility to train, and there are even simulated underwater caves! All-out awesome!


Ocean Dome

Ocean Dome

The largest indoor swimming park is in Miyazaki, Japan and sprawls 300 meters long by 100 wide, in proximity to the sea. It is always sunny at Ocean Dome, where the pavilion boasts a sky-blue ceiling with clouds and an artificial wave generator. Surfing sans sharks…incredible! 


Blood Red Pool

Blood Red Pool

When you think of a swimming pool, you likely visualize crisp, cool blue waters. In Koh Samui, the Boutique Hotel bleeds the competition dry with its daring blood-red pool!


Playboy Pool Las Vegas

Playboy’s Sky Villa

We all love Playboy, so a Playboy pool is a given masterpiece. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Las Vegas features a bunny pool on the top of the tower…bliss! The pool is inside and the hot tub is outside, and bathers are entertained by a DJ and occasional special concerts peppered in. If guests feel the urge to get cozy, there are 27 private cabanas on hand…


Global Warming Pool

Global warming concept pool

To raise awareness about global warming, some clever people glued photos of skyscrapers to the base of a swimming pool and viola! The effect of a sunken city is fantastic. The global warming pool, earthy and edgy!


Hanging pool

A fashion-forward approach to a pool?

Hanging out pool. Feel like hanging around the city? How about in a 5-star hotel with a pool that is literally cascading over the edge? This takes the infinity-edge luxury pool to the extreme…not for the faint of heart!


Devil's Pool

Devil’s Pool

Up last is the Devils Pool in Zimbabwe…the scariest place on earth? As you can see from the photos, bathers display their bravado by swimming in a small pool located at the mouth of a 360-foot plunging waterfall. This tourist trap could be certain death with the slightest misstep!




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