Mercedes Convertible from “The Hangover” Hits Luxury Car Auction

If you are a fan of both Mercedes-Benz luxury cars and the hit film ‘The Hangover’, the sleek 1965 220SE convertible used in the movie is purportedly up for grabs on eBay! There were about 5 cars used during filming, and this one is said to have suffered no crash scenes, just the rambunctious wolf pack. We would love to rent a Mercedes to these guys!

The Hangover

The wolf pack resting against the famous Mercedes

Watching the precious Mercedes 220SE take a beating during the movie was nearly as brutal as a hangover. The seller assures potential buyers that the vehicle was not among those crashed. The tricky film crew used 3 convertibles and 2 coupes to create the effects of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis whipping through traffic and scraping sides of a concrete tunnel. I assume just one of the luxury cars was trashed when the live tiger transformed the upholstery into a costly chew toy.

The Hangover scene with tiger in Mercedes

The tiger in transit back to Mike Tyson…destroying the luxury car

Word is that 3 of the vehicles used to create the hilarious script survived unscathed, but one coupe and one convertible did not fare so well. Two of the convertibles were auctioned off for charity. That leaves me to attempt to piece together the use of this convertible!

The Hangover movie

The Hangover

The seller also discloses that this particular vehicle was used for a majority of the interior filming, and that the cabin was completely destroyed and restored. So is this the car the tiger chewed up? Does that delicious detail make it savory to buyers? Minimum starting bid is at $85,000 with a $95,000 Buy-It-Now price, so it seems that the satisfaction of owning such a famous car will be costly!

The Mercedes from the Hangover

Mercedes 220SE

Mercedes from the Hangover

Who is going to buy this famous car?

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