Miami-Dade Police Stop Massive Luxury Car Theft Ring

Miami Dade Police CruiserWherever you have luxury cars, you will have someone trying to steal them.  So it was no shock to read about an elaborate scam that occurred in Miami-Dade county targeting luxury rental cars.

The plot of the scam involved the perpetrators renting exotic and luxury cars from companies in various counties, using fake identification.  Once they had possession of the luxury cars, they would proceed to create a fake title for each vehicle, and then attempt to sell the vehicle for half-price to overseas clientele.

So how far did the scam go financially?  Investigators have recovered upwards of $250,000 dollars worth of stolen luxury rental cars from an undisclosed warehouse in North Dade County.  These guys are ballsy, that is for sure!  Haven’t they seen Cops?  Eventually everyone gets busted. BMW X5 Luxury SUV Rental Miami

I am surprised the scam evolved as far as it did.  It seems no matter how sophisticated technology becomes; there are always a handful of idiots willing to try their hand at illegal activities. 

The scam seems to only target luxury vehicles, and all vehicles seem to have been rentals. It is no surprise that this was happening in Miami compared to other major cities becuase there are a great deal of Miami luxury car rental agencies with a fleet of expensive luxury cars.   Most of the luxury rental cars recovered are worth over $30,000, some more.   So far the only disclosed models recovered have been a 2010 BMW X5, an Audi SUV and a Mercedes SUV rental (follow links to see our luxury rental cars to see what the thieves were targeting). 



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