The Rossi SixtySix Kit Soon Available

Well it has been roughly two years since we last heard talk of the Rossi SixtySix, a C6 Corvette refitted with custom panels similar to the 1963-1967 Sting Ray design.  Excitingly, it has made it to production level, in the form of a kit for the C6, which will be available in 8 colors.

Rossi SixtySix Luxury CarWhile the Rossi SixtySix borrows some of the design trends from the Sting Ray, it is definitely updated to present a modern aesthetic effect with sleek sexy lines.  The first SixtySix being produced is a pearl-white split window coupe, which made its debut at the EyesOn Design benefit in Detroit today.

This kit sizzles, and it is cool that it pays homage to the classic Sting Ray while still managing to evolve into its own skin, er, body.  The split window design certainly serves to separate it from the pack, offering up something new to look at.  The stinger hood of the Rossi SixtySix promotes the appearance of a badass car, almost like it is scowling at you. 


This is a gorgeous exotic car, and would make a fine luxury rental car.  I am happy to see that it make the long trek from idea to reality.

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