Million Dollar Yacht Washes Ashore Empty at Redington Beach

A mystery yacht has washed up on Florida’s west coast on Wednesday, with the motor running and no one onboard.  Authorities have been unsuccessful in locating its owner, and the 48-foot Sea Ray Sundancer luxury yacht is valued at around $1 million dollars, according to the company website. 

At this point of the mystery, authorities have located its previous owner, who sold it about two years ago.  Who knows how many times the vessel has changed hands after that sale, if any.  The luxury yacht is blue and white, with the name ‘Makin’ Waves’ and the most recent registration is out of Delaware.  Abandoned yacht is similar to one pictured at right.

There are two flags, a Mexican flag secured to the bow and an American flag at the stern.  Because the motor was running, and the strange circumstances of the abandoned yacht, foul play has not been ruled out, alth48' Sea Ray Sundancer Abandoned in Floridaough no immediate clues were available onboard and no missing persons have been reported at sea.

The luxury yacht could belong in Mexico or America, its origin is a mystery at this point. It does not seem to have been registered after the sale two years ago, a fact that could indicate a possible owner in Mexico. Officials from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Coast Guard are both searching for clues.

It is not uncommon for people to abandon property they can no longer afford, and that is also a possibility with the mystery yacht.  Thieves also abandon things at sea, and kids untie boats, yachts and other watercraft as pranks.  But when a million-dollar yacht hits shore with engines running, it peaks curiosity and suspicion.  We will be watching for an update as the story unfolds.


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