Luxury News of the Week: The Bentley Mulsanne

Luxury News of the Week: Bentley Mulsanne

How does a company such as Bentley, makers of some of the finest automobiles in the World, outdo itself?  Most who have seen or been lucky enough to drive the new Mulsanne would point directly to their latest creation and just smile.  Design Director Dirk van Braeckel successfully integrated hints of classic Bentleys into a completely contemporary shape.  Viewing from the front, one might assume they are looking at a Rolls Royce Phantom until you notice the trademark B on the hood.  The design from the roof into the wide back end might remind some of the Continental R’s of the 90’s but the larger doors and pillars bring in elements of the more modern Flying Spur.  This Bentley truly is one like you have never seen before even though it has some recognizable characteristics from Bentley’s of yesterday.  This may be the perfect sedan to add to a Chicago exotic rental cars fleet.

Bentley Mulsanne Exotic Rental Car ChicagoLike all Bentley’s, the elegance is not the only thing that stands out especially when you take a look under the hood.  The Mulsanne did not spare anything when engineers designed the all-new 6 ¾ liter, V-8 that cranks out 505 HP.  The Mulsanne also incorporates paddle shifting behind the steering wheel for the first time ever on a Bentley model.  Another rare feature of the Mulsanne is the twin-booster braking system that uses iron and aluminum discs along with electronic brakes to bring this monster to a rest on a dime.  The Mulsanne doesn’t come cheap though with a price tag of roughly $340,000.  Don’t sweat the high cost though because the car also comes with the world’s most powerful production in-car amplifier with 2200 Watts, eight DSP modes and 20 custom made speakers.  Making any home-audio system look meager is just one of the many qualities that make the new Bentley Mulsanne one of the finest automobiles currently available for sale in the world.

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago is proud to carry Bentley rental cars within its fleet of luxury rental cars and would love to add the Mulsanne to the fleet down the road.  For those of you who want to get a taste of Bentley and all it has to offer the lucky driver, contact Imagine Lifestyles to set up an exotic car rental for yourself.


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