Millionaire Tires of his Exotic Car Collection, Leaves Them in Barn for Decades

Mark III Jensen InterceptorA millionaire Suffolk businessman has passed away, leaving a surprise in his barn.  Apparently, the man grew bored with his fleet of exotic cars, and simply left them in a barn for about 20 years collecting dust.  Well, what failed to pique his interest has certainly grabbed ours!

Yes, the seven luxury cars were discovered after the deceased man’s family suggested the auctioneer might want to examine “the old cars in the barn”.  By old cars, they meant:

•    Two Maserati’s, one of which is a 1989 Maserati Quattroporte III with just 960 miles on it
•    Two Bentley’s, one being a Bentley Continental R Mulliners (one of 46 ever produced)
•    A Mark III Jensen Interceptor
•    1988 DeTomaso Longchamp GTSE (440 miles on it, only 6 were ever made)
•    The obvious favorite of the man-a blue, diesel Nissan Patrol with 68,000 miles on it

These are some of the most exclusive luxury cars made in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and as mentioned above, many have barely been driven.  What would be so important that the man would simply leave them under dust covers for approximately 20 years?  It’s a crime against luxury cars. 

These cars will be auctioned off on March 13th,  with a “buyer beware” tacked onto the price.  There is no proof that any of the exotic cars have been properly tuned and maintained over the years, and this leaves a likelihood that brakes and engines may have seized.  These rare exotic cars just need a little nursing, and perhaps their engines can be persuaded into purring once again.  Not interested?  You can always indulge in one of our Maserati rentals or Bentley rentals, we assure you they are in mint condition.  For more on bizarre exotic car stories, follow link. 

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